Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Love and War

'All is fair in love and war' quote from John Lyly's 1578 'Euphues'. I guess this could be perceived in many different ways but frankly, does this phrase stand to reason? Especially as it regards war? Do countries have the right to assault others in the name of public interest? I come from a volatile country myself but I do not believe war in any shape or form, is a reasonable course of action. It costs millions in lives and dollars/pounds and I am sure there are many avenues of conflict resolution that do not amount to bombs, submarines or grenades. Unless you have been under a rock for the last few months you should be aware of the several rounds of upsets in the Middle East recently, particularly in Egypt and Libya. These clashes along with the recent quake and tsunami in Japan have left the world in a sombre mood as we seek to find peace and stability within our own countries. But on this planet there never seems to be a dull moment.

I wont bore you with my usual rants about saving the planet, blah blah blah, but I would like to emphasize how precious and beautiful life is. Try to live for the moment sometimes, people out there are having a rough time!

On the more positive personal side;
I have finished that dreaded event planning portfolio and just when I thought I had time to unwind, the reminder of another 6000 word portfolio slapped me back to reality. I am back on the grind with my poor laptop that seems to be tired of my incessant key tapping. Its responding by highlighting paragraphs at will or random cursor movements that my fingers have nothing to do with. As if overheating on my lap wasn’t enough *kmt*
But all is fair in uni and coursework I guess.

The birds outside and ships that pass by the river make for a great momentary mental release though and I try to refocus every time I find myself looking away too frequently. Writing becomes just a jumble of words if your heart isn’t in it, so lets say the mind drift thing is my own self preservation strategy hehehe. Saw my examination timetable yesterday too and a bittersweet feeling swept over me. My time with Greenwich will have to end one day. Bitter sweet because I will of course have completed my academic qualifications, made life long friends and found a brilliant job working for the University, but sadly one day will I wont be as involved as I would want.
There’s no use sitting on the couch, feeding the pouch of a belly thats growing in front of me by eating ice cream and chocolate for breakfast (another self preservation action I'm sure) but in life we all should learn to move on. Its what makes us resilient in the end.

The great film icon Liz Taylor who passed away last week remains not only the most beautiful woman in history (in my opinion) but she had a persistent will and focus inside her that kept her going on strong after many health issues. It shows you are older when you remember films like Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, but she had so much elegance and glamour on screen that will make her unforgettable. She fought for ethics she believed in and lived by her rules, and was a classy woman doing it. She now joins Michael Jackson in the same resting place and I hope to meet her in heaven when I get there.

Rest in peace Lizzy,
With love Momo.

Monday, 7 March 2011


Everything seems more important than that looming coursework deadline and this weekend it was all about watching youtube tutorials on hair. How random????!!! Please do not take my example and try to get things done, because now my eyes sting and I am nowhere closer to finishing my portfolio :(

Apart from watching that exciting Liverpool v Man U match, the highlight of my Sunday evening was getting my extensions done, by MYSELF! To all the boys reading this, I know you really could not care less about that kind of girly business. But to us girls if you can create a professional looking head of extensions, with no visible tracks, its a beautiful thing. And I saved aboput 40 quid, so the tutorials weren't all that useless after all I guess. Will have a go on my girlfriends head and see what they think. But here's a picture of my work lol

Fellow blogger Remco (look him up) is having an event and he will be dressed as a spice girl. Now think male, spandex, lipstick and you will see that this is another coursework distraction that's waiting to happen. Its not just for laughs though, he will be doing it as part of his final year project for his degree. I happen to do Event Planning as an option as well and find it very exciting, my lecturer Charles is awesome and is truly a performer at every lesson I attend. Hes just so passionate about his subject and entertains and teaches at the same time. I do wish I enjoyed every lesson as much and some lecturers should ask him for tips pronto. Big up Charles! And shout out to Remo, I'm looking forward to your night.

I'm at the Enquiry Unit today and I am still fuming from being at work 15 minutes late due to a bus situation. Why do buses just announce an alternate destination in the middle of a journey? How logical or fair is that for people like myself going to work? Then when I arrived at the other bus stop another gentleman promptly closed it and announced there would be work done on the rails.... So I had a great start to my morning, good job my boss is such a sweetie! Love you Jess!

I guess Ive gotten over it a little and started answering all my calls and got into the swing of things 2 minutes as I was through the door. Customer service is my life and I don't quite want to do anything else, even after my degree. I may be an executive but I want to be a very visible manager in any industry I end up in. People make me smile, no matter how messed up my day is. Theres an exciting placement fair coming up which I have registered for, not that I want to take an additional year out but as i stated 'networking' is everything in today's world. I would not miss an opportunity to meet with industry players who can help me progress in my field. So forge those friendships, no matter how small !!!

Let me know what you think of the hair but for now its on to my wonderful callers.

Much love


Friday, 4 March 2011

Fright or Flight???

The new movie 'The Rite' is out soon and I cant wait !!!!!! The trailer is off the hook. Its not quite Halloween, but don't we just love a good scare?

Right now I need a safe, pain free way to have an adrenaline rush like this and I would enjoy the splish splash of blood through my brain as my heart beats faster. Since I was young Ive always liked to feel the raised goosebumps on my neck and arms when im afraid. Even if I had to sleep with my mum after, I could never stop watching Nightmare on Elms street. I saw one particularly awful one with clowns in it and since then I have a fear of them and shop mannequins. Maybe I am weird, but I dont like things that imitate human life. Dolls and fake limbs can be thrown into that category as well, and many horror flicks will feature these objects as the main 'scare factors'. So if you see me walking fast past the shops, just blame it on a messed up childhood lol. Fear normally breeds curiosity, in me it breeds brisk walking or careful hiding as the case may be!

Won't give you a movie review but the Rite is about a exorcist (Sir. Anthony Hopkins) who becomes possessed....

After all this coursework, I am in desperate need of a breather and will see this film the day it comes out. I need to fill the empty boxes of my mind with some real me time.

In other news, my presentation today about Wellness Tourism in India went smoothly apart from our initial problems with a you tube clip. We all worked hard to create the A2 poster we would be using to provide visual stimulus to our class. After the initial hiccup, everything went without a hitch and I am thankful to the other members of the group who made it a success.
that the sun came out for a couple hours too. So that's one more thing to smile about today!

Uni is about to be on spring break in a few weeks and theres so much to be done. I have another presentation and a 6000 word event planning portfolio due before I go off. Its driving me up the walls because even in draft stages nothing seems perfect enough. Sometimes when you have so much course work to do, everything else like mopping up, washing my hair etc seems so much more important, but I need to stay focus and not allow my brain to wander off too far.

I have decided not to run in the student union elections this year after careful consideration that being on a sabbatical will delay my degree by a year. It made me realise how much I want to get to the gown and ceremony bit of my education, especially as a post graduate degree may be in the works... So I have opted to enter an entrepreneurial competition, and I have to draft and submit a successful business plan to be in the running for a £5000 prize. Over the years Ive had several ideas swimming round my head, modelling agency, makeup society etc. They all seem to change over time with my maturity I guess, but I have a special idea in my head with regard to international students that I think could lift off.... I am not in it for the money, I'm more focused on the connections and networking capabilities that entry into the competition would provide. Not that I wouldn't love the prize money, but some things in life are priceless, meeting successful business heads is one of them. I go to a preparation session next week sometime so I will see how that pans out and if my idea is indeed viable.

That said, its one day to the weekend we all live for. A day I get closer to do all my girly stuff, nails, hair, face mask lol. I like being pretty for my weekend and plan to light the candles and play some 80's soul music to get back in touch with my 'inner self' (thank God for wellness tourism lessons). But until I reach out to you again, its One Love from Momo!!!!