Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Baby has given birth!!

Recently back from my New York- Jamaica rendezvous I’m filled with a new zest to face the job of helping my young and not so young friends into university via the big ‘Clearing’. I got well needed rest while away on my vacation and spent exclusive time with Miss. Eulah and Gramps (grandparents) and my brother Greg and I loved every minute of it.

While in London on a break from studies, I felt the urge to see my grandparents and long lost brother as I never know when they will proverbially ‘go’, tomorrow is never promised today afterall. I’ve lost so many friends along the way and would hate to not be able to remind them I love them in what may be their last days. It may sound funny but I think I love my paternal grandparents more than my actual ones. They would give their lives to make sure I am ok.

My grandmother stood on the veranda and cried so bad when I left for the airport. She has hypertension and diabetes, is frail and I didn’t want to admit it, but I don’t know if I may see her alive again. What’s worse is she said this during her crying as well  She manages her illnesses with medication, and she needs to be careful about the food she eats but she’s neglected the non salt, low fat, low carb diet recommended because of her love for food. She agrees that if she is going to die, she will anyway, I guess at 83 you can afford to give up. I think I got that stubborn streak by the way...

My grandfather isn’t that frail but he has Alzheimer’s and asks me what the time or day of the week is almost every 10 minutes, but I love him to bits. He also has problems recognising faces and struggles to remember who I am despite knowing my name. It makes you think once a man, twice a child....

You know you are at you granny’s when you see all the floral around lol, Gramps trying to see me

I went to New York to see my brother for a few days, but coming from London to another big city didn’t really do it for me, apart from reuniting with my him there isn’t much to write home about. While there for my 3 days I yearned to go back to the Boston beach and jerk pork, chicken, fish and breadfruit in Port Antonio.

I planned the whole thing in really good time because one rainy day, my Shih Tzu poodle cross, Youkie, gave birth to 4 beautiful babies. The days before her delivery she looked really sad and miserable and we figured she must have been having cramps of some sort. They were born safe and looked healthy, with eyes shut as usual but there was something that bothered us. The pups had white feet but didn’t look very poodle-ish at all. Their coats looked so bland and despite their short noses, I wasn’t sure if their tails should have been so long either. So the question abounded, did Youkie have an affair with one of our non pedigree’s? This isn’t exactly a sin, but we had a few friends who were expecting full breds so we were of course worried.
Youkie looking half dead with her babies

I left Jamaica with many questions of birth and death as you can imagine and had done a lot of thinking on my nine and a half hour flight back to London on Virgin, kudos to my bitter sweet trip and my half bred babies.

Enjoy the rest of my pics!

                                                     Fishing boat                                                Colourful roadside store

                                           Red Stripe cup made from bamboo                             Party Poster

View from the front of house, love the green!

                                                         Wild baby goat                                                         Crab

With love,