Friday, 12 August 2011

Rascals In Our Town - RIOTS

So I hope all the new trainers squeeze toes, the plasma falls off the wall and the food stolen from Tesco’s caused major gastro-intestinal problems because the savages who have ravaged this country will indeed deserve it. I mean, what’s the point and why do innocent people have to be subject to the flea brains of society for this long. I loathe the happenings of the past few days and hope every looter gets caught and spends time away from civilised humans.

Some will say this is what they have to do to get the higher powers to listen, but I beg to differ. The opportunistic gangster behaviour displayed indicates levels of frustration yes; but for most, the joy of ‘taking’ stuff, enjoying ‘free’ drinks, furniture and what have you, depict the sad mindset of our youth. What puzzles me the most is the simple maths involved, smashing and destroying property and streets will only cost the stakeholders and government more to fix. In a hostile economic climate, money is indeed a scarce commodity and funds funnelled into fixing, cleaning up and police presence could have gone into something else more worthwhile. If only these idiots employed simple common sense to their acts and realise this is not the way forward.

I was in my safe little haven in Avery Hill; thank God I moved from Woolwich recently and enjoyed peaceful nights when some other people fled their homes in terror. I am Jamaican and I am no stranger to violence, I wasn’t worried about having to defend myself or having people try to rob me because I am fierce! On the other hand I was quite worried about the price our disaffected youth will have to pay when the police gets a hold of them. There are some pretty good CCTV shots out there with faces so clear you could see six o clock beards and pimples, so many will be in jail pretty soon.

Hope everyone had a fantastic time smashing and dashing .....
Moving on, had good feedback on the photos of the last blog and gramps was said to be ‘cute’. Someone has a crush lol, ok so I’m joking, but my heart still tears apart when I think about my old folks. My best buddy in the Enquiry Unit, Dan, has proved to be somewhat of a baking buff and while I cook fabulous food normally, ask me to bake and I turn to mush. So I struck up the courage after watching a million Come Dine With Me's on Channel 4 and decided on doing a Pavlova. Of course it went horribly wrong and I only found out today, I needed some sort of tartar cream or cornflour to add body to the egg whites. I managed to taste the disastrous outcome of my baking and was disgusted at the egginess of it. That's whats put me off baking so much, everything has to be o so precise and I'm not the best at things that sound this technical. I don’t normally eat eggs because they come out of the wrong part of the chicken so that feeling of dread helped me throw out my dish. I have a proper version of the recipe now and armed with it I would be happy to give it another shot to prove to myself I'm not that worthless.

And finally, Greenwichman has found its way into the heart of Team 3 in light of all the happenings, it stimulated Remco to be a super hero who would protect Greenwich and the uni from looters. Dan has created the avatar and we had a laughing fit imagining Remco in biker pants and wellies for a costume.... Have a look at the avatar!

With love