Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Do Diets Work Anyway?

I've tried water and lettuce, fruit and nuts, no meat, one meal a day... the list goes but nothing works :-( How pathetic is my metabolism? Well my dear friend Leighlee has told me its the carbs I need to reduce but I eat rice and potatoes about 50 times per week so how on Earth will I survive? So to kick start work on my spring/summer body I will be trying out this vegetable and seafood thing to see if my body will finally respond. It would be nice to go running but I can never leave my cuddly tatty teddy and warm pink blanket to face the north winds outside. Call me lazy, but no thank you!

In other news, Student Union elections are coming up and I toyed with the idea of running for vice president for Education and Welfare. I do have some brief exposure to student associations when I was in high school, but this is student voting on a grand scale. To be honest I am scared of losing already but also thrilled at the prospect of doing something useful for my fellow students. I would force everyone to wear pink mohawks and tutu's to uni and have a Friday all you can eat spread in the cafeteria *o*!

Nah, I'm being silly, but I would like to see some fun, creativity and innovation brought to the student union. It would be a great honour for me to instrumental in that and I'm so tempted to rally the troops and being the democratic going on's!

But before I do, I need to consider how I will manage my course work, Enquiry Unit role and plan a business proposal at the same as running a vigorous campaign. I will let you know about the developments soon enough, but the adrenaline coursing through me is tremendous! Love it!

Follow my blog, I welcome all ideas on how you think I can run an effective and creative campaign, nothing 'sensible' will be disregarded. You can even email me if you are willing to be a part of my team (pm905@gre.ac.uk) and help me, to help you to make Greenwich University to be an imaginary institution of learning and immense fun.

I can just see it now, lots of champagne popping on the night I win and I want you to come celebrate with me!!!!!!!!

Lots of Love from MoMo

Monday, 7 February 2011

Its Nice To Be Back... *.:。.✿

I must apologise to my lovely followers for my absence, but I’m baaaccckkkk!

Since my visit to Jamaica in November I had to take the time to sort out a number of difficult issues but now I am in a better place and I’m in love with life. There’s been so much going on dead birds and fishes, increased plane crashes, floods in Australia, when does it end? Personally, some argue that global warming is a myth, but as an Eden channel fanatic and classic tree hugger, I beg to differ. The Earth is going through drastic changes and I suppose it will be a matter of time before finding water and food becomes a major problem or we have to walk around wearing gas masks... Not trying to scare you but the evidence of sustained abuse on nature should wake us up.

I am back at the Enquiry Unit with the people I love most, my colleagues and the precious university candidates who need my advice and often times my honest opinions on student life. I just love being able to speak to new people and assuring them that they can attain anything with hard work, we all need that extra push sometimes and as someone making the same decision some time ago, I feel like its owed. In another life (or maybe when I can afford it) I would like to study psychology to understand how the mind works so I can hone my motivating craft, maybe I can do a short introductory course? The truth is, last night I watched the new flick, Frankie and Annie and really realised how much of a great thing psychology can be. This isn’t exactly a movie review, but Halle Berry did a great job at being an exotic dancer one night and a racist woman in another few hours in it, her multiple disorder skills were on point. I won’t tell you how the ending was but I will leave you with two words, SEE IT!

My coursework is coming thick and fast and sometimes, I have to make a list to remember to get things done and it’s working fine for me, but what astounds me is that it’s a few months to May and then it will be the end of my second year!!! The time is flying like a speeding bullet and I can’t control my excitement, one year to go! I’m trying to look at my dissertation topic already as my third year buddies and my instincts tell me that feared 10 000 word document will not be an easy feat. I need to focus the random ideas I have floating around in my head into logical thought processes, something I don’t want to do right now, maybe the Easter holidays will be a better time... Right now it’s all about my event planning portfolio, literature review and group presentation. They aren’t exactly my idea of fun but the more coursework there is, normally the less exams there are (or so I’ve noticed) all in all, getting those bases covered is a great feeling in itself. When I hit the submit button through the assignment portal, there are not many feelings that compare to that heavy load off my shoulders, well ok maybe a few things but will spare you the details.

Just wanted my gorgeous blog reading, internet browsing peoples to know I’m back and I’m loving it. Enjoy these pictures I took of Jamaica, my country is so green and beautiful!!!!

Boston Beach

View from Granny's

Rio Grande