Monday, 21 November 2011

Fashion Freakishness

Heights by great men reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night.
This blog is mostly for my virtual fashion conscious friends who may be wondering what the quote is about. It incidentally is the opening line I used for my personal statement on UCAS but by the end of the paragraph you will figure out its other relevance.

Some of you fashionistas probably got a hold of the much sought after Versace for H and M pieces by now but many others were not so lucky. The line opened on Thursday last and some people were caught out when within hours the shelves were bare. And of course the online store crashed several times throughout the day. I sat at home clued to the laptop to see what I could eventually grab for myself. Versace quality and design at high street prices would make even my granny drool. A friend of mine was in the queue at Knightsbridge since 6 on the day and there were many who camped out near the store for the night. That’s a bit too extreme for my taste, and I don’t particularly like the feeling of having to find a McDonalds shop to use the toilet or brush my teeth. It’s simply not in good taste but anyway, these are the people who got a hold of the much sought after pieces. Shortly after, ‘fleabay’ was flooded with the same pictures of the items, and if you had 2000 quid to spare then maybe it would work for you. That’s why, the people who make the most effort normally will achieve, hence the opening statement. For once I felt guilty about staying in my warm bed when my fellow fashionistas were on the go.  Valuable lesson number 83 790.

I’m not shallow and I’ve got more personality than a broom but just look at the stuff I copped and you will fall in love too ... cant wait for them to be delivered!

In other news, the neighbour’s cat has decided to take residence in my house. He came in promptly behind me as I opened the door and stepped right in with no intentions of coming out. He snubbed me when I reopened the door and sat staring at me. Oh well, so maybe hes hungry, since I have no cat food, I decided to warm some milk for him. He sniffed at that too so I am a bit annoyed and unsure what other services I can offer. I am not quite fond of the neighbours thinking I stole their cat, but for some reason I can’t find the heart to put him out. I will have to anyway, theres no cat food, and with the glorious weather outside, no chance of me going out to get any either. I love love love animals, but the cats not mine so I cant offer him a home.

I’ve been spending time with the books and  journal articles so I guess the cat was a welcome distraction for a short time, sometimes everything is better than reading another academic paper.. .

I’ve submitted the literature review and methodology for a initial review by the dissertation supervisor but there are times when I think I could have done better and this time is one of them. It’s just a pass or fail piece of work but the literature review is very crucial to the chosen topic. It was a task, but thank God it’s not the final work. My tutors are very supportive and I think everyone will do well. I keep looking at this picture for inspiration as, taken at the Olympic area in Stratford, I want make my tutors proud (I’m the girl in the red shoes ***wink***wink***)

There’s a lot more to be done in the academic arena but I am also having car problems. The brakes were changed and there’s this never ending clanking sound. I’ve been turning up my radio so I don’t here it when I drive even when all the pedestrians duck because they think they are going to be run over. So classy ... So much of my reading time was taken up trying to get a diagnosis and then obviously a fix. Cars are quite costly to keep, especially when they are over 8 years old. But its been so good to me, taking me all over the joint in luxury and comfort. I do take the bus but its not my favourite mode of transport as for now will have to bear all associated costs of keeping my ride. I liked the car when I saw it in a bit of neglect, but my entrepreneurial spirit took over and I decided to fix it and sell it on. So far, the front end is brand new and the scratches and bumps sprayed professionally. Its great having a cousin who’s a mechanic J