About Me!

Code Name: MOMO the JAMO
I know it doesn’t make much sense to you at the moment but I’m actually from the Caribbean and the charming name “Jamo” was given to me by my new friends in the UK because I’m Jamaican.

I fell in love with Greenwich University at an Open Day in 2009 and dashed to accept my unconditional offer on the Tourism Management course after experiencing the tremendous history and beauty of the Maritime Campus where I would be based. Tourism is quite close to my heart; it’s not about selling airline tickets or booking hotel reservations. Tourism is looked at from an in-depth academic perspective where trends and themes associated with sustainability and globalization issues are dear to my heart and are also significantly important to the future of the industry. I absolutely adore it as nerdy as I sound, and hope to progress on to a Masters degree program as soon as I graduate.

There is no looking back and I hope to take you with me on my journey so we can experience the joys (and occasional sadness) of being a student together. There is so much I have to share and, being an international student, my perspectives may be somewhat new, exciting or, for some people, quite bland compared to the offerings of others. University life is not a walk in the park, especially after the first year, but as my Granny's saying goes 'what you reap is exactly what you sow'.  There will be parties, boy/girlfriends, shots at the student union and lots of fun in-between, but taking studies at this level means a lot of determination, hard work and ambition to ensure you are on top with a first class degree.

 My name is Monique and I want to inspire you to become a student of Greenwich if you already aren’t and if you are, it’s a pleasure sharing my experiences with you. Follow my blog....