Monday, 13 June 2011

Hectic Long Weekend!

I spent a sensational weekend away and this blog is an epitaph to my second year of university which officially ends on June 25th. The stresses and deadlines of my grueling course are now over for a while and a well deserved break from it all is what the doctor ordered. In some ways I am immensely relieved but secretly I wish I had more to do, I mean how many hours can I spend on gaming or blowing up my credit card on makeup? I went to Thorpe Park last week and had my guts relocated but after that I decided I would go up to the country side to see my family in Bradford. That coach trip was a ride and a half and my bum hurt so bad after the 5 hours (I know whos not doing that again!).
Family picture
I’ve met cousins I have never seen or heard of before, and even though Bradford was new to me, it’s easily the most comfortable and peaceful place I have been in the UK. After getting over the sing song accent, I really started loving the quaint village that most of family lived in. Most houses had car ports and gardens and do not resemble the match boxes of London we pay a fortune to live in. It’s evident that the peaceful scenery, with its rolling hills provides a quality of life that many of us could appreciate as you get the vibe that things are simple, like they should be.
Asia is my cute little cousin who has tainted me with memories of her winning me over and over at dominoes. I mean how useless am I at numbers? It is generally known among friends and family that I hate Math but a 7 year old basically slapping me silly at matching numbers is a bit more than my ego can take. But she is a smart one, and once we finished that we moved to drawing and was asked to draw a horse which turned out to look more like a dog (Asia again laughed her head off).
Me and Asia.
But the highlight of my Bradford trip was seeing the smiles on my families face and the wonderful Sunday dinner spread that was prepared for me! I threw the diet plan out the window and ate as much rice and peas and chicken etc as my tummy could hold and I could barely move after.

Rice and peas.
My cousin in law loved that my boyfriend and I devoured the food and definitely put me over the top with ice cream and fruit after…. Whewwww!!!
Ayo and ME!!!
After Bradford, there was a short plane ride from Manchester airport to Edinburgh where I am now holed up in the George hotel. I do love to travel and I hope to see more of the UK and Europe, but for the moment I’ve moved to the sights of Scotland that serve as another sweet escape from the rat racing I'm used to. After doing the initial checks to ensure my toilet is spotless and my bed linen is perfect, I’ve accepted my hotel as one of the finest I’ve been in. That toilet inspection routine though, is something I can’t help, I have this immense fear of ‘invisible germs’ and may need therapy to deal with it, this is a 4 star hotel after all.
Edinburgh castle
So far it’s been really nice and with a full stomach of Scottish breakfast I will set out to see a bit more of this city. It’s not as warm as I would like so the summer dress won’t come out, but I’m hoping I won’t have to do the whole scarf and glove thing. There are several things to see like the Edinburgh castle, Museum of Childhood and John Knox’s House and with a loaded camera and few pointers from a guide I picked up in Manchester it should be a pretty fantastic day.
All in all I should be refreshed when I get back to the Enquiry Unit where I will fulfill my duties of ‘guiding’ the young ones to uni. I’ve loved every minute away and hope to be back soon. I catch my flight into City airport later today and will be making plans to seesome more places as soon as time permits. I hope all Greenwich university 2011 students reading this have a great time getting prepared for their big university adventure as they embark on this beautiful period of life. To those who have not received a place just yet, early clearing is right around the corner, continue to check our main website. I look forward to hearing from you!
Till then, I wish you all the best!!!!!!!
With love,