Friday, 30 July 2010

Fulfilling the Prophesy

It’s tragic so many people died in the Duisburg Love Parade and it made me think hard about the lessons learnt in my Event Planning lectures. The words hazard, risk, risk assessment, controls etc swim around my head as I realise my HSE guru was helping me get a grip on a real life situation such as this. I’ve put them into practical sense ....and now the exam is so well meaning! Yeah me!!!

Alluding to my debut blog a bit, I may have missed out on a couple of parties and barbeques (who wants to go to work with puffy eyes anyway?) but I have been compensating for this by exploring the “wilderness” on weekends. I soaked up the sunshine trying to get the bronze back in my skin as my exploits took me to some quaint townships on the outskirts of London. I visited Kent but decided to steer clear of the oysters that spent particularly too much time developing their sexual organs, contracting some reported form of herpes. This is proof that the world is becoming an ecological minefield of latent disasters. Such a shame because I do love seafood so much!!

This news didn’t scare me though considering the fact that remnants of human excretion containing anti depressants that reach the sea are causing prawns to act even weirder. They are now swimming towards light instead of away from it; by extension they are fattening the birds that like to squish ‘em.

Enough of the fishy stuff......

Today I wanted to ask you a question, why bother with University anyway? Some people assume that by fulfilling their parents prophesy of being another face transplant surgeon or world renowned journalist they make the world the better planet to live on. Playing an ascribed role has its merits, but what about the rest of us? I know it may be the on-trend thing to do in the middle of a recession; but personally I have a lust for knowledge and for its great to find a subject I can stand for more than 10 minutes. It wouldn’t hurt either to have a taste of Maslow’s self actualization with sides of booty shaking and eternal friendships.

Learning stops at death but dare not think it’s worth leaving it until that time.

Apart from that it’s a Friday and the heels, big earrings, mini skirt and lipstick will come out of hiding ----------├áDestination:


This blog is dedicated to my first follower, Fluffykins! Big up!

With love MOMO.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Debut Momo

This has got to be my 100th attempt at writing my debut blog! I have typed and deleted. I have handwritten and thrown away. I have even attempted to eat an entire box of Cheerios, in hopes that a sugar rush will give me a “eureka”

moment. I never did get that eureka moment, but the sugar rush was awesome :o) Anyhooz, I hope you enjoy my first ever blog entry!

I guess introductions are in order. I hail from the vibrant Caribbean island of Jamaica and have just completed my first year in BA H Tourism Management.

Looking back on this academic year, I can safely say that it has been absolutely amazing in so many aspects, and also very difficult in others. My first trip out to Greenwich was one I will never forget. The day was raining, as it had been everyday that week. I remember walking through the West Gate on campus and stopping dead in my tracks. The campus was breathtaking. At that precise moment I forgot it was pouring down in rain and I was freezing; I forgot that just a few seconds ago I was ready to pack my bags and return home to the fabulous weather in Jamaica and my family. I knew I would be able to make it. I was going to achieve my dreams of obtaining a degree, and not just any degree. I will be getting a First Class with Honours classification too!!

**fingers crossed**

I recently received my final coursework and exam results, and I must admit I am really pleased with myself. All those painfully late nights of doing research and going over notes paid off big time!! Yaay me!!

Apart from all the academic bits and bobs, I also work for the University. At this precise moment, I am working as part of the Uni’s Clearing team... so if you call us be extra nice :o) I am quite a social butterfly, like any student.... but with that I will leave you in suspense and save that topic for my next blog entry.