Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Wind of Change

You may not have been feeling it, but I can; and I'm not talking about any bloating or similar digestive problems either. Lots have been changing for me and I suppose the same for my fellow uni mates and those of you reading this blog who will join us in September. Aaah, now you know what I mean! It’s May and it’s the month of exams for us here at Greenwich Uni and it’s all about long nights and early mornings REVISING! I like to think of it as’re visioning' because the focus is so important on retaining and refocusing all the information in the last terms into sensible mental files. I have been pathetic at trying to keep everything all in, and I literally have a self saving note system called my 'Duty List'. As tacky as it sounds it helps, and I may be using it to organize housework because it’s been so effective. The physical winds have also changed dramatically and summer is forcing its way into the British atmosphere. Last month has been the hottest on record and in my eyes the summer will be a scorcher! Break out the daisy dukes and flowery nail polish.

I would be amiss not to acknowledge the hip-hip-hoorays of all those who are celebrating the death of Osama. Being highly critical of anything I hear in the news, isn’t he dead for like the 4th time now? And if he was indeed captured why was he buried at sea? Yeah yeah yeah, it is said no one wanted his body buried on their soil, but what harm could a dead body do? Personally, throwing someone in the sea for sharks is one of the highest indignities. I am not Muslim or affiliated with any terrorist group of course, I'm only a student with opinions. All the views are my own, please accept them as such, but killing anyone at point blank range is murder. And I am against murder in all its forms. Why not capture and arrest him for the rest of his life, then again many would argue he is not worthy of being alive or being able to eat and breathe as the rest of us.... but who empowered mere humans to make the decisions about who lives and who dies?

Based on what has been documented, this man is a cruel soul, unapologetically so but I do not believe in murder. I wait for the back lash in disagreement to my arguments, but I still stand by them.

On a happier note, the royal wedding we all have been waiting for has come and gone but replicas of Kate’s dress are already on sale for those of us who want to feel like princesses when the big day comes. It was a classy affair but I think the dress was a little old fashioned for my liking, I would have liked more frilled and a more modern look. Maybe its because I used to see my granny wear so much lace, dunno. My idea of a great wedding though, would be to arrive on a white horse on a pristine beach in the Bahamas with a seaside ceremony full of pink roses!!! It would be much cheaper than the royal wedding and less extravagant of course, but jumping into the sea in a gorgeous wedding dress while my mother watches in horror would make me smile :) I'm such a bad-ass!

The diet is coming on fine, but I keep gorging myself with low fat yogurt. I get so hungry reading and these cute pots just make me think of eating all the time. At least I'm managing to take in enough 'good' germs to last for the next year, but I’m sure these little calories still add up. I also am a nature loving geek and on my breaks there is nothing like Sir David Attenborough on Eden, I am particularly obsessed with corals and reefs. Another of my dreams would be to see Australia’s great barrier but the thought of that flight breaks my resolve and I find solace in the telly for now. Most of my dreams as you can tell involve water, but so does my nightmare, I just wish this tsunami dream I’ve been having for months would go away :(

I also aim to mix my revision with a bit of practical stuff as I hope to take part in some wellness tourism - I booked myself a spa day!!! I am going to the Marriott to get among other things a mud bath and a facial and I am so excited. It’s always great to be looked after and the champagne will be flowing that day and I can’t wait to hit the sauna. I have put money aside for many moons to afford this, but it’s my reward for a hard years work with an average of 68 on all my coursework. I think I deserve it, don’t you?

All is all, things are going very well for me and I wish you all the best with any wind of change coming your way, it can be a beautiful experience so go with it!

With love